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Small base Medvezhka is located at Medvezhyegorsk on the Lake Onega shore. Convenient and comfortable accommodation for employees and their families offer relax after a long journey. Despite the end of September, the weather favored and it was not rainy. Exquisite harsh nature, bright autumn colors, collection of blueberries, cowberries and chanterelles have worked up considerable appetite. Delicious food, children's delight and clean air excellently cheers up the mood!
We took one-day trip with local guide along the great tour of local sights: "Love and Pigeons" filming locations, Manergeyma line and White Sea-Baltic Canal. Impressions from this excursion are vivid and memorable. On the one hand - filming locations, on the other - the impressions about colossal sacrifices the Canal was built.
Overall, we were very impressed with the trip!!!

Published: 09-25-2016