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Industrial Lighting for Tough Environments

Industrial light fixtures I-VALO are designed specifically for tough manufacturing conditions: High and low ambient temperatures (от -60°С до +120°С), occurence of dust, moisture and aggressive agents in the. Fixtures are easy for installation and generally do not require maintenance for 5 years. I-VALO light fixtures retain high light output in difficult conditions, which makes it possible to minimize the number of luminaires used in lighting projects. Thus, energy savings are achieved, installation and maintenance costs are reduced. The largest consumers of I-VALO products: Logging, chemical, metallurgical enterprises, as well as power plants and construction materials manufacturing enterprises.

VEGA S-1.jpg   VEGA R-1.jpg
                           VEGA S                                                           VEGA R

VEGA S High-Suspension Light Fixture, designed for demanding environments that require special lighting and durability. Resistant to high temperatures, moisture and air pollution. Typical applications are particularly metallurgical plants, ore-dressing plants, foundry shops, boiler plants, pulp and paper enterprises, shipyards, construction materials manufacturing enterprises and other similar facilities.

VEGA R High-Suspension Light Fixtures are designed for high spans of industrial spaces. Typical applications are metallurgical plants, foundry shops, turbine halls of power plants, pulp and paper mills, forestry and woodworking enterprises.

VEGA W-1.jpg   xenre filter.jpg                           VEGA W                                                         XENRE

VEGA W Low-Suspension Light Fixtures are suitable for use in a variety of industrial environments. VEGA W is energy-efficient solution for general lighting of any manufacturing facilities. It is also suitable for lighting of corridors, staircases, service platforms, garages, power stations and boiler houses. VEGA W is excellent choice in cases where the durable luminaire with  low housing and broad curve of light intensity is required.

New Heavy-Duty XENRE LED Fixture is designed for installation at industrial facilities with high ceilings, wherein the long service life is particularly important. Typical applications of XENRE Fixtures are mechanical shops, pulp and paper and woodworking enterprises, warehouses, etc. Having polycarbonate diffuser, XENREis also suitable for food processing industry.

dora filter.jpg   HiTe 70W.jpg                              DORA                                                        HiTe 70Вт

DORA Universal Line of LED Fixture is designed for general lighting of industrial spaces. DORA line includes several models of light fixtures with different frame lengths and the number of light modules. Light fixtures are also available with different variety of diffusers and filters.

HiTe Light Fixture is designed for industrial areas with high temperatures and humidity, such as paper cylinder drying cylinders or cyclone zones at the cement plant. Moreover, the light fixture is also excellent for low ambient temperature (Ta -40°C).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Logo I-VALO.jpg

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