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Who are we?

HOGAT LLC is engineering company specialised in renovation, supply, service, installation and repair of energy equipment. Our company is established in 2010 and offers to clients only qualitative and effective solutions.

In our company works professionals with extensive practical experience that ready to help you always to solve technical tasks of your factory.

Motto of our company is: "GOOD, GUARANTEEDLY, MANUFACTURABILITY". HOGAT LLC has own branches in the cities: Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburgh. Headquater - in Moscow.

The principal directions of company's activity:

  • Compressor equipment for air compression (centrifugal, reciprocating, screw);
  • Equipment for gases compression and treating (compressors, dryers, filters);
  • Air separation units (cryogenic-, adsorbing-, membrane- types);
  • Heat removal systems (atmospheric cooling towers and closed circuit water cooling towers);
  • Service of compressor equipment (subscription services and corrective maintenance);
  • Repair of equipment (scheduled, emergency, overhaul);
  • Construction of buildings and general industrial structures;
  • Sales of equipment under leasing agreements.